Rules for 9u-14u and High School 15u-18u

NFHS rules apply and unless noted below

1) Official Playing rules for PRIMETIME Tournaments will be the National Federation of State High School Rules

2) A Players Age on MAY 1ST of the season will dictate his age group for that season. 9u-13u will play their age group with no exceptions made to play in their grade. The 14u division can play their age or if they are in the 8th grade. Any player that turns 16 before September 1 will not be eligible to play in this division.

3) Teams should arrive at least 45 minutes prior to scheduled start time. If previous game finishes early, teams will be asked to start earlier than scheduled. Teams are required to field 9 uniformed players. Teams may play with 8 players. When starting with 8 players, you can bat 8 or keep the 9th spot if a player will be late arriving. The 9th spot will be an out until the player arrives. If you bat 8, you can not add a 9th player if one should arrive late.

4) Home team for pool games shall be determined by coin flip and will keep official scorebook. Either umpire or tournament official must be present for flip. Higher seed will have the choice throughout the playoffs. If a tiebreaker is needed to determine playoff teams (wildcards, etc.), the following tiebreakers be used Youth Tournaments 9u-14u.                                                                                                                                    

  1. Overall won-lost record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Least number of runs allowed
  4. Run Differential (+/-8) max allowed
  5. Coin Flip

High School Tiebreakers

  1. Overall won-lost record
  2. Head to Head
  3. Run Differential (+/-8) max allowed
  4. Least number of runs allowed
  5. Coin Flip

5) Tournament Director may modify the number or length of games when necessary due to weather, field or scheduling issues.

6) NO SLASHING IS ALLOWED – If you bunt – you cannot pull back and take a full swing. Batter will be declared out immediately and the play is dead.

7) Length of Game Note: Game Times will be strictly enforced!
   a) 9u/10u Age Groups 46ft pitching / 65ft bases **6 innings or 1:45 minutes
   b) 11u/12u Age Groups 50ft pitching / 70ft bases **6 innings ** NO New Inning after 1:45
   c) 13u Age Groups 54ft pitching / 80ft bases **7 innings ** NO New Inning after 1:45.
   d) 14u Age Groups 60ft 6 inch pitching / 90ft bases **7 innings ** NO New Inning after 1:45.
   e) 15u-18u Age Groups 60ft 6 inch pitching / 90ft bases **7 innings ** NO New Inning after 2:00.

8) Game time starts at the end of the home plate meeting. It is the coaches responsibility to ask the umpire for the start time.

9) No new inning started once time limit is reached FOR ALL POOL GAMES & ELIMINATION ROUNDS.

10) There are no pitching restrictions. Coaches are responsible for the health of all pitchers by monitoring their Pitch Counts and Innings Pitched. It is recommended that coaches follow the Pitch Smart guidelines.

11) There is a 2:15 Time Limit on Championship Game. If tied after regulation innings or time limit, the game goes to California Rule.

12) Tie Games: If a game is tied after the time limit expires, the game will go down as a tie in Pool Play. When the regulation innings have been completed, and time remains, we will use the following California Tie Breaker Rule: Each team will start the inning with a man on second base and 1 out. The base runner will be the last batted out from the previous inning. Each batter will start with a 1-1 count. There will be one extra inning. If the game is still tied, it shall be recorded as a tie. In Bracket Play, California Rule will be used until a winner is determined.

13) Intentional Walks There will be no pitches thrown to intentionally walk a batter. Notify the umpire, and the batter will be awarded first base.

14) Courtesy Runners must run for the catcher when there are 2 outs at any time for the pitcher and catcher. The courtesy runner shall be a player not currently in the lineup OR the last batted out. Please use the speed up rule as much as possible due to the time limit of the game. The pitcher or catcher for this rule is the pitcher or catcher of the previous inning (The pitcher or catcher of record). If this situation arises in the first inning and no outs have been recorded, the pitcher or catcher shall remain on the bases until an out is recorded. When using a substitute to run, that substitute can only run for pitcher or catcher, not both.

15) Ejections If a player is ejected during a game, the name of the player will remain in the batting order and count as an out when the batting order reaches that player unless you have a substitute not yet in the lineup.

16) If a player or coach is ejected from a game, they may also be given an additional one game suspension. Primetime will determine if an additional game will be required. If a player/coach leaves quietly and professionally, they will not be required to miss an additional game.

17) Injuries and Early Departures – If a player becomes injured (as ruled by the umpire) and is unable to continue playing, his spot in the batting order shall be skipped with no penalty. Once the injured player leaves the batting order, he is done for the remainder of that game. Early departures count as an out.

18) MERCY RULES 8U THRU 12U Age Groups – 6 innings: 15 RUNS AFTER 3 INNINGS / 8 RUNS AFTER 4 INNINGS

19) 13U THRU 18U Age Groups – 7 innings: 15 RUNS AFTER 3 INNINGS / 10 RUNS AFTER 4 INNINGS / 8 AFTER 5 INNINGS. All games have a 20 run rule after 2 complete innings.

20) Bats 9u-14u all bats must have a 1.15BPF stamp OR a USA Bat. 14u Teams Can Only Use a Max of -5. 13u Teams Can Only Use a Max of -8. IF YOU ARE USING A -3 BAT, IT MUST BE BBCOR. Ages 15u-18u are BBCOR or wood bat.

   a) As of April 12, 2021 all 2017 Demarini Zens are not allowed.
   b) DeMarini 2018 CF Zen CBZ 2 3/4″ (31/-10 and 32/-10) – Not Allowed
   c) Dirty South Kamo BB KA 8 (30/22, 31/21, 32/22, 31/23, 32/24 only) – Not Allowed.
   d) If an illegal bat is found to be used, the batter is out and play is dead. Upon 2nd offense, The batter and manager are ejected.

22) Team Line Ups
   a) Teams may bat a nine player lineup
   b) Teams may bat a nine player lineup and use up to 2 Extra Hitters (EH) and can use a (DH)
   c) Teams may bat a continuous lineup using all present player
   d) Teams will have open defensive substitutions for all players in the hitting lineup
   e) If a team uses a lineup that contains substitutes we use high school re-entry rule

23) If a game is called due to rain, weather, light failure in the case of a night game or other acts of God and cannot be resumed, it is a regulation game if 2 innings complete or 1½ innings and the home team leads. This is in effect for all age groups.

24) Cancellation Policy Any team that withdraws within 90 days of a tournament will not receive any credit or refund. Once a tournament is posted as sold out, any team that withdraws will not receive any credit or refund.

25) Refund Policy a) No Cash Refunds b) If tournament is fully cancelled due to weather, entered teams will be entitled to full credit to another Primetime Tournament. If your team plays/starts only one (1) game due to weather, you will be given a 50% credit towards a future Primetime tournament. The credit, if no room is available for current year, credit will be allowed for following year. Credits are good for one year and may be transferred to another team. Primetime must be notified of transfer. No refunds/credits if 2 or more games are played/started.

26) Admissions Schedule – All tournaments will have daily admission and offer weekend passes. All admission sales are final. No refunds issued for weather related changes or any other schedule changes. Inwood Sports Complex, Romeoville High School, Duly Stadium, University Illinois-Chicago, Benedictine, St Xavier and Rosemont all have admission fees. University Illinois-Chicago, Benedictine and St Xavier are credit/debit card only. No cash accepted at these 3 universities.

  • Daily Admission – $10 Adults  $5 Children
  • Sat/Sun Day Pass – $15 Adults  $8 Children
  • Fri/Sat/Sun Day Pass – $20 Adults  $12 Children
  • Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun Day Pass – $25 Adults  $15 Children
  • Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun Day Pass – $30 Adults  $15 Children

27) All youth age groups will be played if there are 4 teams registered. All high school age groups will be played if 4 teams are registered. A team must be registered and paid in full in order to secure your spot in a tournament. Any tournament may change locations or combine with another tournament depending on the number of teams in each age group.

28) Make sure to email a copy of your insurance and a copy of your teams roster for the event you are participating in prior to your first game. *Bring copies of your player’s birth certificates to the tournament. If there is a question on a players age, you will be required to prove it. Thanks – Primetime Tournaments